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“When there is something wrong with our cartons, Butsurin usually rely on Itatrans Corp. for help in packaging. What we want to say is to be satisfied with their dedication.”

- Ms. Ra (Butsurin Ltd.) -



Why you will need other services from us?

Along with the services above, we also offer you range of services including paking, loading/unloading, vessel booking, fumigation, plant quaratine, quality-testing.

Of course, not all customers will need these services, but some kind of cargoes need to be applied with these services.

For example, exported furniture sometimes is required to be packaged with brand new cartons when outside cartons get distorted or dirty before exporting them to oversea market, especially Japan.

Another example is about raw cashew nut imported form West Africa, your customers cannot import raw material from bonded warehouse to the domestic market without the phytosanitary certificate from Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It will be pretty hard for you to get it done. It is not the problem because we are here to help you.

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