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"Once our customers not only in Vietnam but also in oversea markets release purchase order, what I saw was that the lead time of customs procedure for cargo from bonded warehouse was real quick. I think Itatrans Corp. did their job well.”

- Mr. Michael (Cargill Inc.) -


What are the procedures of import/export to/from bonded warehouse?

A. Import from oversea:
- Sign warehouse contract.
- Customers send draft shipping documents (bill of lading, packing list, invoice, other documents if required) to check for mistakes.
- Customers send correct shipping documents (original copy) to Tan Tao bonded warehouse (Itatrans) 03 days before vessel arrives at HCM city ports.
- ITATRANS will do customs procedures, move containers to warehouse area and unload cargo under supervision of customs officers. - Customs officers issue report of receiving cargo showing cargo conditions.
B. Import from domestic market:
- Procedures of import from domestic market is similar to import from oversea, the customs declaration is also similar.
- Documents include: warehouse contract, packing list, customs declaration forms for export (finished).
C. Export cargo to oversea:
- Customers send delivery order, booking info to Tan Tao Bonded Warehouse.
- Customers send documents to warehouse include original delivery order, sales contract, packing list, invoice, customs declaration forms for export (if import from domestic market).
- Itatrans do customs procedures, move containers to port waiting for export.
D. Export to domestic market:
- Customers send delivery order to Tan Tao Bonded Warehouse showing contract no., cargo description, name of buyer, date of delivery, who will pay loading charge, document charge. Delivery order needs to be signed by customers’ representative(s).
- ITATRANS prepare bonded warehouse documents and send to buyer for customs clearance.
- Buyer informs Itatrans the date of delivery to make schedule.
- Buyer shows original delivery order (buyer’s driver has to bring ID card, introduction letter) to pick up cargo.